The Exhibition

The Global Halal Expo 2017 opens the gateway to over US$ 1.1 Trillion Market – The Muslim Consumers!

Staged in Hyderabad, ‘The city of Nizams’ at the City Convention Centre, the expo promises to be first of kind trade expo in India. The Global Halal Expo 2017 will run the information drive on benefits and advantages of halal certification and the and will unlock the true potential of the Islamic market globally. Learn to interact and do business in the US $ 1.1 Trillion Market only in halal segment.

The Global Halal Expo 2017 will not only promote trade between the rest of the world and Islamic world it will also create awareness on ‘Halal’ living and the wider concept of halal and its extension to industries besides food & beverages.

The show will bring to you on a platter the macro and micro fundamentals of a halal economy.